Lessees in the WCND may be aware of various flyers or mailings being circulated regarding “Project Rolloff,” our container project, and other Port matters.

For example, a recent flyer stated “

However, the Army Corps of Engineers Environmental Regulatory Office has since opined on this assertion:

"This sounds like an issue of taking “blinding facts of the obvious” and making the port sound like y’all weren’t doing due diligence.
The statements attributed to the Corps are factual; however, they appear to be taken severely out of context.  Yes, any work conducted in WOUS requires a permit.  That is a true statement.  It is also true that we are ensuring that a permit is in place before work is initiated in WOUS.
Nothing in the piece you shared spoke of whether any work could/would be conducted under existing permits, such as maintenance of existing bulkheads under NWP 3.  This would be a prime example of work being conducted with a permit already in place.  
Thanks for sharing."

It should be additionally clarified that the work described in paragraph 2 was for the paving of acreage in the possession and ownership of the WCND and was not "in" the Waters of the United States (WOUS) and therefore did not require permits from the Corp of Engineers.

We invite anyone who might have questions or concerns about the substance of any of these flyers or mailing to use any of these contacts:

the WCND Main Office at(956)689-3332 or rmills@portofportmansfield.com or mail to: 400 W. Hidalgo, Suite 200, Raymondville, TX  78521.

  • The WCND Main Office at (956)689-3332
  • Ron Mills at rmills@portofportmasnfield.com
  • Mail to 400 W. Hidalgo, Suite 200, Raymondville, TX  78521