Unique Advantages for growth and success

Situated along the Texas Gulf Coast, the Port of Port Mansfield boasts a unique blend of strategic advantages that position it as a key player in maritime and economic development. With its proximity to the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, ample land for development, and a deep channel accommodating a variety of vessels, Port Mansfield is poised for growth and opportunity.

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Proximity to Gulf Intercoastal Waterway

Being just 1 mile from the GIWW, Port Mansfield offers a strategic advantage for maritime activities, providing access to a major waterway that runs from Texas, around Florida, and extends up the U.S. East Coast to New York.

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Proximity to Gulf of Mexico

Port Mansfield is just 9 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. With Mexico being one of the top five waterborne trade partners for Texas, Port Mansfield is in an ideal location to offer short-sea connections to and from Mexico.

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Authorized Depth and Channel Width

The port's 17-foot authorized depth and 700-foot channel width can accommodate a variety of vessels, including small boats, hopper barges, flat deck barges, and fuel barges. This capability is crucial for supporting diverse maritime operations.

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Land Availability

With 1,400 acres available for commercial, industrial, and residential development, and attractive land leases available, Port Mansfield presents significant opportunities for economic expansion and community growth.

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Available Air Transportation

Air transportation is available to the Willacy County Navigation District through the Charles R. Johnson Airport. The unmanned, lit, airport is open from sunrise to sunset and features a 3200 foot long x 50 foot wide asphalt runway.

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Diverse Market Opportunities

Port Mansfield presents several potential opportunities for commercial port properties, including warehousing, trucking services, handling of project cargoes, and more. These opportunities provide a foundation for future economic diversification and growth.