Willacy County Navigation District Board of Directors

Willacy County, a cornerstone of Texas, is guided by a dedicated board of commissioners, each serving a distinct precinct.  Leading the charge is Chad Kinney, Chairman, who holds the At-Large position, representing the entirety of Willacy County.  Working tirelessly for their specific precincts are Ernesto “Lefty” Cavazos in Precinct 1, Stacey Reyes in Precinct 2, Steve Kendrick in Precinct 3, and Alberto Treviño in Precinct 4.  This collaborative group forms the backbone of Willacy County’s leadership, ensuring the well-being of all its residents.

Chad Kinney

Chairman, At Large

Ernesto (Lefty) Cavazos

Member, Precinct 1

Stacey Reyes

Secretary, Precinct 2

Steve Kendrick

Member, Precinct 3

Alberto Trevino

Member Precinct 4