Commercial Land Leases Available

Welcome to the business-focused real estate opportunities at Port of Port Mansfield, where strategic growth meets unparalleled coastal charm. As a designated commercial port by the State of Texas, Port Mansfield is not only a renowned fishing and recreational destination but also a burgeoning hub for commercial and industrial development.

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Ready For Development

The Willacy County Navigation District owns 1,700 acres in and around Port Mansfield, with 1,400 acres available for commercial, industrial, and residential development. This vast land availability presents a canvas for businesses looking to invest in a location with substantial growth potential. Whether it's warehousing, trucking services, handling of project cargoes, or exploring new marine services, Port Mansfield offers diverse opportunities for businesses aiming to capitalize on its strategic maritime position.


Join Us In Shaping the Future

At Port of Port Mansfield, we are dedicated to fostering a thriving commercial and industrial community that leverages our strategic maritime position, vast land availability, and commitment to sustainable development. We invite businesses to explore the real estate opportunities available and join us in shaping a prosperous future at one of Texas's premier coastal ports.Discover the potential that awaits at Port of Port Mansfield, where business opportunities flow as freely as the waters that surround us.